VpreB serves as an invariant surrogate antigen for selecting immunoglobulin antigen-binding sites

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Science Immunology  14 Jul 2016:
Vol. 1, Issue 1, pp. aaf6628
DOI: 10.1126/sciimmunol.aaf6628

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Surrogate selection

A broad yet specific antibody response is critical to fight off pathogens; however, it remains unclear why certain antibodies may be more easily induced than others. Now, Khass et al. report that a component of the surrogate light chain—VpreB—may also act as an invariant antigen that contributes to shaping the antibody repertoire. They demonstrated that progressively reducing the tyrosine content of the heavy chain antigen recognition site impaired the ability of B cells expressing the pre-BCR to pass the first checkpoint. VpreB selected for particular amino acids in the complementarity-determining region of the heavy chain, shaping the subsequent antibody response.