Charting new horizons for Science Immunology

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Science Immunology  06 Apr 2018:
Vol. 3, Issue 22, eaat2459
DOI: 10.1126/sciimmunol.aat2459


Charting new horizons for Science Immunology.

Ifor R. Williams

Credit: Donna M. Martin

AAAS announced plans to launch its own flagship immunology journal on 18 February 2016. Just 5 months later, the Science Immunology editorial team, led by founding editor Angela Colmone and chief scientific advisors Federica Sallusto and Abul Abbas, published the journal’s debut issue. Their inaugural editorial laid out plans to provide a broad platform for the publication of exciting findings that span the full breadth of a field in the midst of expanding its boundaries and creating new subdisciplines at the interface with other branches of biomedical science (1). Currently, the Science Immunology editorial team is assembling monthly issues of the third volume of the journal.

It is an honor to introduce myself to the Science Immunology audience as the journal’s new editor. I want to thank the entire journal launch team for their valuable contributions to getting the journal off on the right foot and emphasize the key role that the journal’s current associate editor, Anand Balusubramani, has played in maintaining the journal’s positive momentum from the publication of our first issue.

I am transitioning to this exciting position after more than 20 years as a mucosal immunologist and academic physician on the faculty of Emory University. My prior experience as a basic researcher, a clinical laboratory director, and an academic editor (for The Journal of Immunology) gives me valuable insights into what constitutes a good publishing experience from the perspective of both authors and editors. My primary goal at Science Immunology is to keep the journal advancing on the impressive initial trajectory established by the launch editors and scientific advisors.

From its outset, Science Immunology has benefitted from a collaborative relationship with the Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies (FOCIS). Publication of impactful research that includes a human and/or translational component has been a major objective of Science Immunology. FOCIS-affiliated scientists are strongly represented in the journal’s Scientific Advisory Board. Each monthly issue of Science Immunology now includes a section called FOCIS Highlights, with two Editors’ Choice commentaries that spotlight work of broad interest to the clinical immunology field that has recently been published in other journals. As a physician who has also served as a leader of a FOCIS member society, I am committed to building on the existing strategic collaboration between FOCIS and Science Immunology and seeing that the journal continues to publish important new work in human immunology.

One of my first tasks as I started my tenure here was brainstorming with the editorial team for ideas on how to commemorate the upcoming second anniversary of Science Immunology’s debut. We plan to reflect on the first 24 months and outline some of the areas in which the journal is looking to expand its reach going forward. We will also provide our readership with a look behind the curtain at the process the editorial team uses to work collaboratively with authors, from submission to acceptance. In the meantime, I heartily encourage all immunologists to subscribe to our electronic table of contents notifications (www.aaas.org/sciimm) and continue to submit their best work to us to be considered for publication.


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