December 2017
Vol 2, Issue 18

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ONLINE COVER Priming T Follicular Helper Cells. A microscopic view of a lung-draining lymph node illustrating the differences in localization of CD11b+ type 2 conventional dendritic cells (cDC2s) and CD103+ type 1 conventional dendritic cells (cDC1s). cDC1s and cDC2s were stained with antibodies against CD11b (green) and CD103 (blue), and B cells were stained with anti-B220 antibody (red). Krishnaswamy et al. find that cDC2s are predominantly located in the T cell/B cell border area and are ideally positioned to prime T follicular helper cells. [CREDIT: J. MATTSSON/RIA, IMED BIOTECH UNIT, ASTRAZENECA]