Transcription factor ID2 prevents E proteins from enforcing a naïve T lymphocyte gene program during NK cell development

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Science Immunology  27 Apr 2018:
Vol. 3, Issue 22, eaao2139
DOI: 10.1126/sciimmunol.aao2139

Establishing NK cell IDentity

The transcription factor ID2 is required for normal differentiation of all innate lymphoid cells, including natural killer (NK) cells. Zook et al. have characterized ID2-deficient NK cells and investigated how ID2 supports full maturation of NK cells into cytotoxic effectors. They found that ID2 limited chromatin accessibility at multiple lymphocyte-associated genes correlated with a naïve gene program, thereby enabling an effector gene program to take hold. This study provides insight into the series of transcriptional programming steps that underpin normal NK cell differentiation.