Transplanting organs from pigs to humans

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Science Immunology  01 Nov 2019:
Vol. 4, Issue 41, eaau6298
DOI: 10.1126/sciimmunol.aau6298


  • Fig. 1 The growing allogeneic organ supply/demand imbalance has resulted in an expanding transplant waiting list.

    Credit: A. Kitterman/Science Immunology
  • Fig. 2 Schematic timeline showing advances in overcoming the immunologic challenges to xenograft survival and the impact on pig organ survival times in primates.

    Credit: A. Kitterman/Science Immunology
  • Fig. 3 Genetic modifications that have been made in pigs to facilitate pig-to-human organ transplantation.

    See text for details.

    Credit: A. Kitterman/Science Immunology
  • Fig. 4 Acceptance of composite thymokidney xenograft.

    (A) Schematic of a TK transplant from a pig to a baboon. (B) Long-term survival of a GalT KO miniature swine TK graft in a baboon with tapering immunosuppression. Serum creatinine was normal for >6 months, and the graft grew markedly and was lost to cortical necrosis with no evidence of rejection at day 193 after transplant. Redrawn with data taken from Figure 2A of (76).

    Credit: A. Kitterman/Science Immunology

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