December 2019
Vol 4, Issue 42

About The Cover

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ONLINE COVER Intestinal Stem Cells in the Crosshairs of T Cell–Derived IFN-γ. Featured on the cover is a cross-section of mouse jejunum showing "lineage ribbons" of red epithelial cells derived from intestinal stem cells (ISCs) found in the crypt. Takashima et al. found that T cell–mediated damage to the intestinal epithelium in a mouse model of graft-versus-host disease results from the direct toxic effect of IFN-γ on ISCs rather than the adjacent Paneth cells that provide a niche for ISCs. A Focus commentary by Kretzschmar and Clevers discusses the findings of Takashima et al. [CREDIT: S. TAKASHIMA ET AL./SCIENCE IMMUNOLOGY]