August 2020
Vol 5, Issue 50

About The Cover

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ONLINE COVER Renal Memories of Past Infections. This month's cover is an immunofluorescence image of a thin section of mouse kidney that includes a single glomerulus consisting of a tuft of capillary endothelial cells stained for endomucin (green). The glomerular capillaries are separated from epithelial lining cells positive for synaptopodin (pink) by the glomerular basement membrane, the kidney structure that allows for filtering of the blood. Krebs et al. found that mice infected systemically with Staphylococcus aureus followed with antibiotic treatment to clear the infection maintained a stable population of kidney-resident memory T cells capable of producing IL-17A. These renal TRM17 cells could be reactivated during autoimmune kidney disease leading to exacerbated tissue damage. [CREDIT: CHRISTIAN KREBS/UKE HAMBURG]