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Recovery from the Middle East respiratory syndrome is associated with antibody and T cell responses

Jingxian Zhao, Abeer N. Alshukairi,* Salim A. Baharoon, Waleed A. Ahmed, Ahmad A. Bokhari, Atef M. Nehdi, Laila A. Layqah, Mohammed G. Alghamdi, Manal M. Al Gethamy, Ashraf M. Dada, Imran Khalid, Mohamad Boujelal, Sameera M. Al Johani, Leatrice Vogel, Kanta Subbarao, Ashutosh Mangalam, Chaorong Wu, Patrick Ten Eyck, Stanley Perlman,* Jincun Zhao*

*Corresponding authors. Email: stanley-perlman{at} (S.P.); zhaojincun{at} (J.Z.); aalshukairi{at} (A.N.A.)

Published 4 August 2017, Sci. Immunol. 2, eaan5393 (2017)
DOI: 10.1126/sciimmunol.aan5393

This PDF file includes:

  • Fig. S1. Gating strategy for determining cellular composition of PBMCs.
  • Table S1. Clinical information including laboratory values.
  • Table S2. PBMC composition.
  • Table S3. Peptide list.
  • Table S4. HLA typing.

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