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  • The PDF file includes:
    • Materials and Methods
    • Fig. S1. Dynamic regulation of nutrient transporters and cell growth in developing thymocytes.
    • Fig. S2. mTOR signaling is required for thymocyte development.
    • Fig. S3. RAPTOR deficiency diminishes cell growth, proliferation, and nutrient transporter expression of ISP cells, but not cell survival.
    • Fig. S4. RAPTOR controls metabolic gene expression programs in thymocytes.
    • Fig. S5. RAPTOR deficiency affects γδ T cell development.
    • Fig. S6. Loss of RHEB or RICTOR does not affect the development of γδ T cells.
    • Fig. S7. SCAP and HIF1α are dispensable for T cell development.
    • Fig. S8. MYC is implicated in αβ and γδ T cell development.
    • Fig. S9. RAPTOR-deficient DN3 cells exhibit increased ROS but normal mitochondrial mass and membrane potential.
    • Fig. S10. Modulation of ROS production alters fate choices of DN3 cells.
    • Fig. S11. mTORC1 activation integrates signals from pre-TCR and NOTCH.
    • Fig. S12. RAPTOR deficiency alters transcriptional programs and signaling and metabolic pathways.
    • Fig. S13. Monocle pseudotime trajectory of single-cell transcriptomics data.
    • Fig. S14. Loss of RAPTOR or MYC enhances signal strength.
    • Fig. S15. Schematics of mTORC1 and metabolic control of redox homeostasis and signal strength in T cell lineage choices.
    • Reference ( 54)

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  • Other Supplementary Material for this manuscript includes the following:
    • Table S1 (Microsoft Excel format). Raw data sets.

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