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The PDF file includes:

  • Fig. S1. B16cOVA-infiltrating CD8+ TILs exhibit phenotypic and functional markers of exhaustion.
  • Fig. S2. CD8+ TILs express high levels of glucose transporters.
  • Fig. S3. The abundance of glycolytic enzymes and metabolites suggests that PEP deficiency of CD8+ TILs is driven by lack of strong enolase activity.
  • Fig. S4. Inhibition of the enolase activity in T cells limits cytokine production.
  • Fig. S5. Enolase activity contributes to the effector function of CPi-treated CD8+ TILs.
  • Fig. S6. Human melanoma TILs have low function and enolase activity.

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Other Supplementary Material for this manuscript includes the following:

  • Table S1 (Microsoft Excel format). Raw data file.

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