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  • Materials and Methods
  • Fig. S1. LECs do not promote CD4 T cell migration toward other chemokines and cytokines.
  • Fig. S2. LECs and lymphatics express CCL21 but not other chemotactic factors.
  • Fig. S3. S1PR antagonists inhibit migration to S1P but not CCL19, and do not induce CD4 T cell apoptosis; Spkh but not S1PR2 deletion decreases S1P expression by afferent lymphatics.
  • Fig. S4. S1PRs, CCR7, and receptor inhibitors regulate migration to their cognate ligands.
  • Fig. S5. CD4 T cell distribution in LNs after treatment with S1PR antagonists.
  • Fig. S6. S1PR2 regulates VCAM-1 expression.
  • Fig. S7. Model of T cell lymphatic TEM.
  • Table S1. Antibodies for flow cytometry, Western blotting, and immunohistochemistry.

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