Table 1 SRT treatment enhances efficacy of INH in Mtb-infected mice.
Mouse modelLungsSpleen
  Experiment 12/4 (50%)§4/5 (80%)4/5 (80%)5/5 (100%)
  Experiment 21/4 (25%)1/4 (25%)0/5 (0%)5/5 (100%)
Chronic10.7 ± 2.5 × 104.9 ± 2.8 × 104Not performedNot performed

*Mtb-infected mice were administered with INH (10 mg/kg).

Mtb-infected mice were coadministered with INH and SRT (100 mg/kg).

‡Acute TB model proportion of mice with no detectable CFU in the lungs and spleen during INH therapy with and without SRT, after 4 weeks of treatment in two different experiments.

§Number of mice with no detectable CFU out of total number of animals in that group (in bracket, percentage information is provided).

║In a chronic TB model bacterial load (CFU) in the lung of INH or SRT + INH–treated mice after 2 weeks of treatment.

¶Mean CFU values (n = 5). Difference in CFU values between INH and SRT + INH group is significant (P = 0.0317 by Mann-Whitney U test).