Table 4 Markers of complement activation, endothelial injury, and coagulation in the Yale School of Medicine cross-sectional cohort.

Statistical tests for comparison were done using the Mann-Whitney U test. Values are represented as medians (interquartile range).

Non-IMV (n = 23)IMV (n = 26)P
C5a, pg/ml263.8 (225.5–848)475.6 (317.9–1353.0)0.017
Factor D, ng/ml4605 (3721–6187)6437 (3445–9674)0.09
Ang2, ng/ml4077 (2149–7633)11,470 (6711–15,103)<0.0001
Thrombomodulin, ng/ml2.9 (1.9–4.5)5.0 (3.0–8.1)0.0068
vWF:Ag, %375.0 (266.0–559.0)*558.5 (409.8–685.3)0.0063

*Samples for measuring vWF:Ag were available in 21 of 23 patients who did not need IMV.